Saturday, 11 May 2019

Sweet Romance Deals

It was supposed to be just a fun summer romance. No strings. No obligations. No future. Only this little adventure left behind a keepsake they didn't expect...


Eighteen-year-old Bridget Lehman is heartbroken. Her fiancĂ© not only ended things and began courting another, but he lied to Bridget about it. Seeing no recourse but to flee, Bridget leaves Baker’s Corner and travels to neighboring Allen County. 

She moves in with her aenti and onkel to help care for their four young children. An immediate health crisis strikes, and Bridget gets more than she bargained for. A young man is hired to help out during the emergency, and Bridget cannot deny her attraction to him—but due to her recent heartbreak, she’s skittish, to say the least. 

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