Friday, 12 April 2019

Sweet Romance Ebook Deals

“Just remember I’ll come to you. That’s a promise.”
Kara had always loved her best friend's older brother, but Warren was an unattainable dream. She tried to move on, marrying a man she thought was the next best thing. She was wrong.
Frightened by her ex-husband’s “business” dealings, she kept her pregnancy a secret and hid. But some secrets are impossible to keep. Desperate to protect her son, she remembered Warren’s promise and made the call.

Susan Miller loves Jake Studer. She always has. When he leaves on his Rumspringa and doesn’t return, she continues to love him and believe in him. When he finally does come home, she’s giddy with joy. Now they can court properly. But Jake has no plans to stay in Baker’s Corner. And during the few weeks he’s back, he arranges a secret buggy race.

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