Friday, 15 March 2019

Sweet Romance Deals

Dare You takes place prior to any of the books in the Crowns & Courtships series and immediately prior to Heart of a Prince.

She needs a fake boyfriend. He’s just daring enough to try to turn it into something more.

Betsy Haines is running away from a broken heart, but when she - along with her best friend, brother, and his best friend - arrive in Serenity Landing for the July 4 celebration, she finds herself the target of the affections of a creep.

Dare Weaver has been half in love with his best friend’s little sister for as long as he can remember. When she needs a pretend boyfriend, he’s only too happy to oblige. He finds himself daring to live up to his name - to try to turn something pretend into something permanent.


Hannah Fisher works to stay positive as she single-handedly cares for her two brothers and her grandmother. But when her grandmother has an accident and is rushed to the hospital, Hannah has to face facts. She’s in over her head.

Noah Zook steps in—not only to court her, but to help her expand her business. If it’s successful, perhaps her financial problems will be over. But Noah has his own problems, and when his father interferes, forbidding Noah’s relationship with Hannah, there is no way out.

Unless something drastic happens, Hannah will be on her own all over again.

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