Friday, 1 March 2019

Sweet Romance Deals

Ethan Ambrose was the heir to a company that had made his family a fortune. He had been groomed since he was a child to take over once his father retired. But his sights were set on a career as a film maker. No matter how much his parents protested, Ethan just didn’t want to give up on his personal goals. He longed for a day when his family would be happy for him instead of constantly pushing him to run the business.

To top it off, he couldn’t ever seem to connect with the right woman. They all seemed to be more concerned with his fortune than anything else. He felt he was destined to be a bachelor. That was fine because he didn't have much hope for relationships, anyway.

Then he boarded a flight bound for Los Angeles. 

Sitting next to him was the most unique and sincere woman he’d ever met. Molly Caldwell was simply different. The problem was, he would only be in California for two days, and he now had to find a way to spend every waking moment with her.

Anna Zook’s love seat is fabled throughout her Amish community at being able to bring couples together, but its biggest challenge awaits.

Rachel Miller is only twenty years old, but in her familye she’s already considered an old maid. What they don’t understand is that Rachel isn’t ready to get married; as a carer for the ill and the old, Rachel has her hands full enough without a husband and a demanding familye.

Anna Zook, the town matchmaker, whom Rachel cares for, matches Rachel with Noah Beiler. Noah might be wealthy and attractive, but he isn’t what Rachel had in mind for her happily ever after.

But Anna is keeping a dark secret of her own, and when it is discovered, it makes Rachel rethink her choices. Will the revelation result in Rachel accepting Anna’s match or will another opportunity present itself? Will the love seat’s magic fail or does it have its own secrets from the past?

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