Friday, 22 February 2019

Sweet Romance Ebook Deals

A doctor, a wedding planner, and a flat tire... Can Shannon and Jeremiah make a love connection when they work next door to each other?

Esther Lapp, a long-time employee of the market, is devastated when she hears news of the market's financial situation. The harvest has not been good this year and the market is struggling. Carrying the weight of the market's situation, she also struggles with her own issues as well - her painful shyness and her secret admiration of one particular young man who who has been coming by the market regularly. 
Isaac holds a secret of his own however, and tries his best to do what he can for the market. After a failed attempt, it appears the market may have to close its doors, leaving Esther feeling heartbroken. This situation will definitely take a miracle from God - in more ways than one!
How will God come through for the market... and for Esther?

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