Friday, 11 January 2019

Sweet Romance Ebook Deal -- Yesterday's Promises

They had been high school sweethearts until he presented her with an impossible choice that drove her away.
JD Carter knows he made some mistakes in his past, and he’s come home to try and make things right.
JD has landed a job as a gym teacher at his old high school, but he’s discovering that coming home isn’t always easy. Especially when he’s trying to right wrongs. He wants to prove he’s changed, that he’s learned from his mistakes, but certain people aren’t having it.
Family is everything to Danica Callaghan, so when her younger brother leaves because of heartless, hurtful words, she’s not inclined to forgive the man who said them. 
Danica is excited about starting her second year as a music teacher at her old school. That all changes when she learns the new high school gym teacher is the man she once loved. And he seems determined to talk to her about their past. Too bad for JD, she has no interest in having any sort of conversation with him.
When their work throws them into close proximity, JD thinks he’ll finally have his chance. Unfortunately, if anything, it makes things worse for him. Despite all he’s been through, he begins to think he’s not deserving of the forgiveness he seeks. 
Forgetting might not be possible, but will forgiveness pave the way to love? Or will the mistakes of the past be insurmountable?

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