Friday, 25 January 2019

Sweet Romance Ebook Deal -- Amish Heart of Hope

Susanna's family has received a letter from her Englisch aunt requesting help - she needs someone to care for her after her surgery. Her father decides God would want them to help so it is decided that Susanna is the one to go. Upset, this means she won't be able to see Daniel, her suitor for several weeks, and also, she has never met this aunt.

But she must obey. After a few weeks she finds the Englisch lifestyle fascinating, and decides she may never want to leave. Besides she has met an Englischer, Jason, and is quite attracted to him. She becomes more and more involved with this new, free lifestyle that she quickly forgets some of her Amish values.

Daniel comes for a visit, and she winds up making decisions she should have thought more about. Events escalate, and one morning she realizes this new life is much too complicated - she must return home to her Amish roots...but all is not well upon her arrival...

How will God come through for her?

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