Friday, 28 December 2018

Sweet Romance Ebook Deal -- A Tree for the Billionaire

A woman who's lost her heart. A man who's just discovered his.

Getting hired as the personal assistant to the intelligent and attractive billionaire Christopher Warren seemed like a fairytale come true for Kate Ryan, but two years later, she hands in her two-weeks notice just before Christmas. How can she keep working for him day after day when she's in love with him? Not even the most beautiful and fascinating women in the world hold his interest, so there’s clearly no chance for her. Unfortunately, Mr. Warren seems determined to change her mind.

Christopher has felt estranged from the world his whole life, but no matter how lonely he is in the midst of his hectic life, he can’t seem to develop deep, lasting feelings for any of the woman he’s dated. But even as he decides to focus on business, his assistant Kate hands in her resignation. Determined not to lose her, he decides to spend everyday he has convincing her to stay. But staying in a remote cabin in the Smokey Mountains while Kate fills it with Christmas trees and gingerbread was not what he had in mind. 

Kate has plans of her own.

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