Friday, 14 December 2018

Sweet Romance Ebook Deal -- Amish Christmas Hearts

Amish Christmas Hearts by Hannah Schrock

Will a Christmas miracle come to Lancaster County this festive season

Sarah Yoder has been taking care of her ailing mother for more than two years. It was the opinion of the community that her mother was heartbroken and had lost the will to live. Sarah couldn’t even blame her mother; losing a daughter and a husband in one year was a bitter pill to swallow for anyone.

Taking care of her mother had become Sarah’s number one priority; her second was finding her missing sister. Since Katie had disappeared during her rumspringa shortly after their father had passed away Sarah had done everything within her power to find her sister to no avail. With her sister still missing and her neighbor David, whom she secretly loves, courting a girl Sarah knew would only hurt him, she is not looking forward to Christmas at all.

But when hope starts to bloom in her chest, things suddenly start to change. Sarah knows it’s the work of God, but the question remains will a Christmas miracle soothe the loneliness in her heart?

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