Monday, 1 October 2018

Sweet Romance Ebook Deal -- What Dreams May Become by Rosalee Adams

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What Dreams May Become by Rosalee Adams

Mary Harper’s life is a tangled mess, her husband Nathaniel is a drunken bully who terrorizes her daily, leaving her in fear for her life. Mary needs to act and fast if she is to survive...

Taking back control of her life, she secretly leaves her husband and sets off for Colorado Springs to become a mail order bride to the kind and gentle Jonathan Cooper, owner of the local town store.

Jonathan can’t believe his good fortune when Mary arrives, giving her time to become adjusted to her new life as his wife in Colorado.

However, Mary hasn’t been entirely honest about her past...

Can Jonathan accept Mary despite her shocking revelations?

Will Mary ever escape from her terrible past and find the happiness that she so deserves?

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