Monday, 8 October 2018

Sweet Romance Ebook Deal -- Shelter From The Storm by Kristen Ethridge

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Shelter From The Storm by Kristen Ethridge


As the director of the Port Provident Animal Shelter, Becca Collins had devoted her life to helping the furriest residents of Port Provident. When a special Labrador retriever needs her help on the eve of Hurricane Hope, Becca can't say no--even if it means she'll have to ride out the hurricane on Provident Island. She doesn't have the supplies to properly take care of a geriatric dog with specific medical needs, but she knows who does--her greatest opposition for a new town animal shelter, local veterinarian Dr. Ross Reeder. With the storm looming only hours away, Becca has no other choice but to show up on his doorstep, throwing a wrench into Ross' plans to evacuate himself and his combat-weary former Army dog.

Ross and Becca are used to disagreeing with one another, but they soon realize the only way they're going to survive the wrath of Hurricane Hope is to put their differences aside and work for the good of the animals who depend totally on them. As they discover they have more in common than they thought, they work to rebuild the Texas beach town where they've both put down roots. But then Becca learns secrets about her past that threaten to change the whole direction of her life.

As she struggles with love, faith, and lies, will she still need the shelter she's found in Ross' arms or will the aftermath of the storm take away everything they've worked to build?

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