Thursday, 11 October 2018

Sweet Romance Ebook Deal -- The Reluctant Groom by Emma Ashwood

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The Reluctant Groom by Emma Ashwood

Charlie Moore was a boorish chauvinist and a bully, but he needed a wife. A pretty young lady from New York had agreed to be his bride and he planned to have the entire Silver Springs know about it before he went to meet her.

Pamela Jones had nothing more to lose. How bad could this rancher in the mountains of Silver Springs be compared with what she had already lived through? Within days she had suffered the most tragic and unimaginable loss. She would start afresh out West, but she must tell lies to do so.

With the support of an understanding community and the love of a few, even the hopeless can become better people. The author leads the reader through a story of disrespect, pain and hardship to a path of conciliation and understanding. But could Pamela and Charlie ever overcome their difficult and tragic pasts to find true love and peace?

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