Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Sweet Romance Ebook Deal -- The Amish Melting Heart by Emma Maas

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The Amish Melting Heart by Emma Maas

Anna Graber is fresh off her Rumspringa and suddenly finds herself a nanny to two rambunctious young boys, sons to a widower named Moses. She quickly grows to love the boys that Moses has trouble raising, and settles in quite easily, feeling at home with both the boys and their father.

But angry with God, Moses has a hardened heart and can't always understand what his boys need, let alone what his heart needs for himself. Yet somehow Anna quickly brings out the hope that lies buried within, but at a price.

For it doesn't take long for their innocent, yet burgeoning and complicated relationship--complicated for them both--to be the cause for unfounded rumors and Anna's dad soon resolves to find Anna a suitor to court her to set things right. Moses even encourages the new development despite his growing feelings for Anna, as he feels she's too many years his junior and she needs someone who can be a right fit for her.

But that isn't as easy as it seems, and Anna loses hope for what she wants for herself as she watches the young boys by day, and goes on a few buggy rides by night. But the more she does, the more she longs for what she prays is possible, but knows is out of reach... but is it? And could Moses ever feel the same way?

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