Sunday, 21 October 2018

Sweet Romance Deal -- A Strange Connection of Hearts by Rebekah Fisher

This new sweet, clean Amish romance series revolves around three young Amish; Lucy, Martha and Levi. This is Book 1 and features Lucy. Lucy and Martha are best friends, although they live in different towns. Once a year they meet at the annual Farmer Market. This year at the Market, they meet Levi for the first time, a mysterious young man whom for some odd reason Lucy and Martha both find themselves strangely connected to, despite the fact that Lucy is courting a young man, Patrick, who is away helping his ill aunt.
A series of events happen after the Farmers Market and Lucy and Martha are compelled to track down Levi, to find out more about this mysterious person who seems to be hiding something and may need help. Lucy decides to put her relationship with Patrick on hold, knowing full well that he may find someone new. Her heart is torn, because although she loves Patrick deeply, she must find out why she is so drawn to Levi, although not in a romantic way. The trip winds up being unfruitful, as they are not able to locate Levi. Besides that, her relationship with Patrick is now in jeapardy. Find out what happens as she learns to surrender and trust God in a deep way. Through it all, she finds Him faithful and trustworthy.

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