Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Sweet Romance Ebook Deal -- Her Rocky Trail by Florence Linnington

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Her Rocky Trail by Florence Linnington

A life of practicality and security. 

That is all Philadelphia maid Kitty Byrum and western lawman Cyrus Ross both look for. With that in mind, a mail-order bride marriage fits the bill perfectly. Cyrus will provide a home for Kitty and her younger sister Helen, and, in return, Kitty will perform all expected wifely duties.

They see their marriage as a contract – love not being a requirement.

They are not looking for a fairy tale love life. But even then, life does not always unfold according to one’s simple wishes…

As the train the Byrum sisters travel westward on comes to a screeching halt, though, and Helen is kidnapped by bandits, the stability Cyrus and Kitty search for is nowhere to be found.

Instead, they must gather their wits and courage and voyage into the Rocky Mountains on a quest to bring Helen home. It is a trial for Kitty and Cyrus as they discover parts of themselves they never knew existed – and a love they never believed they needed.

But they are on a dangerous trail. The bandits are a menacing lot. But the true danger is what they can’t see nor understand…

Will Kitty’s sister stay alive?

How can Kitty and Cyrus navigate through the lurking dangers?

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