Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Sweet Romance Ebook Deal -- Forgetting The Prince by Kennedy Larsen

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Forgetting The Prince by Kennedy Larsen

Jenna is content with her research and doesn’t need a man. When she’s injured while hiking and is rescued by a handsome stranger, she starts to have second thoughts. But nothing more than a few stolen kisses could come of it since he’s only in town for a short time. 
Stefan is in the United States to convince a scientist to help him establish a lab that will benefit the people of Durham. The last thing he needs is any romantic entanglements. Especially after what his older brother, the crown prince of Durham, has gone through. But when he rescues Jenna from a hiking accident he wishes he could throw caution to the wind.
When he discovers Jenna is the top research assistant, he jumps at the chance to hire her to set up the lab back in Durham. The more time he spends with her, the more he wants to push all the royal protocol to the side and go after his heart. Can Jenna see past the royal duty and allow herself to fall in love, or would she be better off forgetting him completely and keeping her heart locked away where it’s safe?

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