Thursday, 20 December 2018

Sweet Romance Ebook Deal -- A Dangerous Time to Love

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A Dangerous Time to Love by Natalie Dean and Eveline Hart

1845, Oregon Trail, Snake River

Almost from the start of her journey along the Oregon Trail, wealthy heiress, Deborah Greene, has been plagued with bad luck. 

Early in the journey, her heirloom jewels were stolen, and a search by the scouts turned up a dead thief, but no jewels.

Another murder was committed along the way, and Deborah discovered an embezzlement in her privileged section of the wagon train.

Now it’s obvious . . . there’s a murderer on the loose.

All evidence points to it being the same killer in both instances. AND, not only is there a murderer in their midst, but it could be one of Deborah’s suitors!

Filled with suspicions and fear . . . and only able to trust a small group of a few young women, Deborah sets out to discover the criminal among them. 

As the search for the jewels and the murderer continues, tensions arise and accusations fly. 

Will this lady of privilege, who has run her company with an iron fist, unintentionally find a love she never knew existed? Or will she be deceived by a thief . . .

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