Monday, 10 September 2018

Sweet Romance Ebook Deal -- The Amish Twins by Emma Schwartz

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The Amish Twins by Emma Schwartz

A widowed Amish woman yearns for real love with the man who rejected her. The only thing in her way is her guilt and shame around the tragic deaths of her family. 

And a set of abandoned twins.

Sarah Martin was married with a new baby but had never forgotten a man from her past. The one that still held a place in her heart. Despite her grief over her devastating loss, her soul still yearns for Eli Yoder.

Eli has returned to Pride, Ohio after the death of his wife. When two strange babies are abandoned at the home of Miriam and Sarah Martin, Eli jumps in to help the lonely women. After all, he still holds a torch for Sarah, the woman who rejected him years ago.

After a year of shame and loneliness, Sarah suddenly has Eli's undivided attention and support. Can he heal the scars on her soul? Or will the misunderstandings and mistakes of her past once again sabotage her promising future?

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