Sunday, 3 February 2019

Sweet Romance Ebook Deal -- Amish Trial By Fire by Grace Given

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Amish Trial by Fire by Grace Given

Joseph Umble, a faithful member of the Amish community, did not think he would ever get married. He was too old, too shy and his nose was too big. But Miriam did not think so. She saw with the eyes of love, and laughed away all obstacles. Joseph’s happiness was secured… At least, that’s what he thought, for on a fateful day, Miriam died in a barnfire. His beloved wife was snatched away from him in a most unfortunate accident.
But was it really an accident? The police did not think so, and arrested Joseph on murder charges. Joseph, alone and virtually shunned by all his former friends was ready to abandon the faith that had carried him all those years.
But then there was this lovely woman with her little boy.
… They were Englischers.

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