Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Sweet Romance Ebook Deal -- Amish Romance: The Truth by Brenda Maxfield

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Amish Romance: The Truth by Brenda Maxfield

Tessa can't keep the deception going - it isn't fair to Levi. She prays fervently that he will accept the truth and not reject her, but her prayers aren't answered. Once Levi learns the real facts about Tessa's baby, he disappears. Struggling to live without his presence in her life, Tessa does her best to make a good life for her daughter. 

She is completely blindsided when her past walks through her shop door. What can Tom Miller possibly want? Why would her baby's father show up at this late date? What he proposes sends her reeling. Now, she is trapped. All chances for true love appear lost. 

Levi is gone; Tom has resurfaced. Tessa is caught in a no-win situation.

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