Monday, 17 September 2018

Sweet Romance Ebook Deal -- Amish Harvest by Betty Bontrager

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Amish Harvest by Betty Bontrager

In Ashland, Emma King’s familye faced another hard year trying to make a living without the blessing of Gott's rain on their farmlands, and with yet another boppli to feed. In Tucson, Arizona Noah Yoder knew that he loved being Amish, but if the summer's harvest failed he did not know how they would battle through another year of hopelessness. But Noah was not to know then that a failed crop would not be the worst that might befall him and his siblings.

Orphaned, shunned, displaced and disillusioned, Noah Yoder now had to make a new life in Ashland with his aged Grosseldre. The author gives the reader insight into the lives of Amish familyes as they battle age and infirmity, loss and nature to lead lives of grace and humility. Will Emma and Noah find in each other the peace and support that they need to conquer life's heartaches?

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