Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Sweet Romance Ebook Deal -- The Hidden Amish Girl by Betty Bontrager

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The Hidden Amish Girl by Betty Bontrager

Thirteen years had drifted by since Aaron saved Hannah from the burning building. Aaron had married Emma and lost her to death. Hannah had stayed hidden, shielding her scars from the unkindness of others.

Hannah now has wanderlust, and had set plans in motion to work on a farm far away from home, when she eventually embarks on her Rumspringa.

Aaron has met someone and is looking forward to her arrival in his hometown so that they can become better acquainted. What he does not need is any more heartbreak.

Fleeing her maem's incessant talk of marrying, Hannah finds herself sheltering from a snowstorm in an unknown haus, having once again been rescued from certain death by her savior. Time is a great clarifier, and Hannah and Aaron start to realize their true feelings when they are thrown together by circumstance and Gott's will.

But can love overcome everything in their path?

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