Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Sweet Romance Ebook Deal -- The Option

The Option by Brenda Maxfield

Ruby Springer settles into Ezra Rupp’s household fairly smoothly. She misses her brothers who have been split up between two other Amish farms, and continually promises them that she will somehow get them back together. When Ezra’s ill wife Fiona takes a turn for the worse, Ruby has precious little time to contact or see her brothers. Her one consolation is in Ezra’s brother, Moses. He comes around frequently, always soothing her worries and giving her hope.

When the inevitable happens with Fiona, Ruby fears being let go. How can she remain in the household of a widower with his young son? But Ezra has a solution. One that will allow Ruby to bring her brothers back together for good. But it’s a solution that will kill any possibility of a courtship between Ruby and Moses.

Is Ezra’s solution God’s answer to her prayers? And how can she possibly say no if his plan will reunite her family?

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