Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Sweet Romance Ebook Deal -- The Rancher's Marriage of Convenience

The Rancher's Marriage of Convenience by Maya Stirling

Determined mail order bride, Rosalind Grover makes a near fatal mistake but escapes before her life is ruined.

She takes refuge in the small Montana town of Inspiration. But now she can’t leave. 

And it looks like she must agree to marry a rancher who probably won’t find her suitable as a wife.

Devout rancher, Gideon Buchanan knows it is his turn to find a wife if he is to prevent his family losing everything.

Time is running out.

But, he can’t accept just any woman as his wife. 

He needs someone devout. Just like him.

One barrier stands in the way. 

Why is it that the beautiful woman who has walked into his life has almost lost her faith?

As forces descend upon the town, Gideon must act to claim his wife. And Rosalind must choose between her past and a future with the handsome rancher of the Circle Cross.

Can Gideon lead Rosalind back to the faith she once abandoned? And can they both find true love?

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