Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Sweet Romance Deal -- The Firstborn Amish Daughter by Hannah Schrock

The Firstborn Amish Daughter by Hannah Schrock

Sarah was raised in the Amish community, along with her younger twin sisters, but her parents had the family adopt the Englisch lifestyle when she was 12. On the day that she was celebrating graduating high school, she met an Amish boy in town on his Rumspringa. They fell in love and their future together was very uncertain.

Noah Yoder loved everything about his Amish life, and he enjoyed working in his familye's woodwork business. Sarah went on to study business on a scholarship, to become a highly successful and sought after member of the Englisch business world. It seemed that they would never be able to mesh their two worlds. Would letter writing and thoughts of one another spanning a great distance be able to stand the test of time, temptation, faith and life?

It would take the universe to conspire for Sarah and Noah to share a life as husband and wife. What was Gott's plan?

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