Sunday, 17 March 2019

Sweet Romance Deal -- For Serenity's Heart by Aurora Hanson

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For Serenity's Heart by Aurora Hanson

Serenity is the kind of daughter all parents would dream of having. She has always done what others expected of her. But, she's had enough! After an attempt by her parents to marry her with a man she would never dream of spending her life with, she feels her only choice is in an ad for a bride that leads her to a ranch in Arizona. There, she meets Josiah, a kind man who has everything that Serenity felt she should need or want in a husband. But is this truly all that she ever needed?

Her savior shares the same blood with a twin brother, Jonas, a free-spirited man who is rarely home. When he comes back home after a cattle driver, he knows there is something about her that just doesn't fit. Josiah and his sister Katrina may be fooled by the sweet, demure ways of the city girl, but he is certain that no one is that sweet or that perfect. Unexpectedly, he starts growing feelings for her, but this does not seem right. Will he be able to hide his true thoughts? Now Jonas just has to prove it or risk losing his mind to this strangely ethereal creature that his brother will soon marry.

Serenity could never imagine that she would find herself between two brothers. Will she choose the one that makes her feel safe and secure or the one that makes her heart beat faster and fireworks go off every time he's close by?

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