Friday, 26 October 2018

Sweet Romance Ebook Deal -- A Will To Wait by Emma Maas

A Will To Wait by Emma Maas

Everyone wants Bekah to be baptized, but she’ll be ready when she’s ready. It’s not that she has doubts as much as it is her fiery spirit. She just wants to do things because she feels ready, not because others pressure her to. But that’s suddenly put to the test when she meets Noah, the handsome new young man in town.

But he’s not like her; where she’s feisty, he’s straight-laced, where she’s uncertain in her faith or future, he’s confident in his. While she takes to him right away, he re-appraises his initial thoughts about her and isn’t sure if they would court even if she were to be baptized.

Though God may have other plans for the two of them as He reveals qualities they each miss that the other has, and it complements them both--if only they can figure it out for themselves first.

Yet it isn’t long before they’re forced to face their inner struggles as something dire and unexpectd happens, and suddenly all bets are off for them both.

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