Thursday, 25 October 2018

Sweet Romance Ebook Deal For Saturday

The Foundling Sisters by Emma Ashwood

Sally and Beth were abandoned on a doorstep shortly after birth and taken in by the Bank's and raised as their own. Now their Mama and Papa were dead and the immature Beth had only Sally to care for her in the world. Sally longed for a life more adventurous than the mundane existence, caring for Beth in the same home they had lived in all their lives, after a long day of teaching at the local school.

Patrick Carter owned a prospering store in Kansas and was in search of a mail order bride to share his life out West. Would he be equipped to take on not one woman, but one who came as a package deal with a twin sister?

Beth and Sally fit into life in Kansas just fine, until Beth goes missing. Saddle up and see what becomes of these two young foundling sisters.

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