Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Interview With Sweet Romance Author Sophia Summers

What got you interested publishing Sweet Romance books?

I love to read sweet romance. I am fascinated with the whole process of falling in love. I love to study human nature and character. And romance plays into that so nicely. But mostly, I read so many and I wanted more. So I started writing them. 

Tell readers a little about the Billionaire Royals series.

The Billionaire Royals is all about the Valdez family who live on a fictional island on the Mediterranean off Greece, called Torren. They oldest is crowned King and There are Six brothers and one sister in the family.  The family is crazy wealthy and each brother has specific responsibilities for the crown that they must take care of, as if it's their job. They fall in love with fantastic women. Some of them are slow build, some enemies to lovers, some childhood friends, some summer flings. They all have a touch of adventure and lots of charm.

If you could live the life of one of your characters, would you?

I would love to live in Torren in their palace. The island is beautiful. They have everything money can buy and beautiful people keep popping up in their life. A tailor to make all your clothes and a chef to cook all your food, private jets and cars, sounds good to me. 

If you had to switch places with one of your characters, which one would it be and why?

I think I'd like to be Jo. She is the queen. Or Seraphina, the journalist. She was pretty awesome. 

What's your favorite character that you have published and why?

I absolutely cannot choose. It would be like having a favorite child. 

Do you have any real-life stories that you have incorporated into one of your books?

Maybe not full stories, but experiences.  I love to sail. I love to water ski, as well as snow ski. 

If you had to choose a different career other than publishing, what would it be?

I would enjoy being a professor at a university. 

What is your favorite book that you have ever published and why?

This would be very much like choosing a child. The Heir was super fun to write and it is the first in the series. That's a great place to start. 

What do you like to do with your time when you're not publishing?

I have six children. That pretty much covers it. Hahah.  

What's a fun fact that your readers might not know about you?

I love diversity, differences, quirky things, anything off the beaten path. I lived in Bahia Brazil as a missionary during my college years. 

What do you have in store for your readers next?

I added Dahlia's story to the Billionaire royals series so that will come out as a Christmas book this fall. And then two new series. One Cowboy romances, where billionaires come and stay at a ranch resort to play rancher and fall in love.  And I have a sports romance line coming also. 

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