Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Sweet Romance Ebook Deal -- Her Silent Burden

Her Silent Burden by Florence Linnington

Left widowed within her first year of marriage, southerner Thea Sykes turns to a mail-order bride service in order to stay afloat.

Shipping off to a mountain in Wyoming comes with its fair share of fears – until Thea sets eyes on her new husband, Wakefield Briggs. A strong and generous man, Wakefield seems to know exactly how to bring the joy back into Thea’s life, and she into his. Everything is simpler in Whiteridge, Wyoming. Full of love and hope.

But things can’t stay the same forever.

Thea is pregnant, and ‘no children’ is a stipulation of this marriage.

It’s not the fact that the baby belongs to Thea’s late husband that bothers Wakefield. His pain comes from someplace deeper. A place he won’t allow his new wife access to.

The upheaval brings out a darker side of Wakefield, and soon he’s slipping into bad habits and entertaining company he shouldn’t.

With the clock counting down till the day her baby arrives, Thea has to make a decision soon. Give up this Western adventure and escape before she and her unborn child suffer more, or open her heart, find her inner strength, and give Wakefield the chance the both of them need.

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