Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Sweet Romance Ebook Deal -- Amish Grace

Amish Grace by Betty Bontrager

Elizabeth Miller was having a difficult time. Her chosen one, Jacob was away in the Englisch world. She had waited for him but he was never coming back. Her familye farm was suffering losses and she had to make a plan to contribute to the finances. To this end, she was job hunting for summer work in town, when she inexplicably landed up in the kaffe where she had last met with Jacob.

Christian Taylor was a successful realtor, but he would give it all up to have his life restored to the happy way it had been before his wife was taken from him and his baby, Grace. Right now he needed help.

Did Gott put Elizabeth and Christian together in their times of need? Was it Gott's plan that Elizabeth suffer the jealousy and uncertainties that Christian caused to rise up in her? Why would an understanding God allow a man to remember details of his dead wife when he looked at another woman?

A wonderful clean romance story that will lead the reader to a desperate place in the hearts of those who have lost way too much to get to a place of loving and healing.

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