Sunday, 24 June 2018

Sweet Romance Ebook Deal For Sunday

An Amish Dream Come True by Emma Maas

Handsome David King is sought after by every young Amish woman of age to court. He's oblivious of his popularity because he's so heavily involved with his work, while also being a truly humble man, and Sarah Yoder likes that.

She's eyed him for some time and finally gets his attention. But she's not the only one, and now there is competition, but of the worst sort possible, but Sarah doesn't know it yet.

Isabella is an incredibly attractive and flirtatious young English girl who has set her eyes on David. He struggles to keep things professional, but battles feelings he's not used to while also trying to be appropriate and maintain a proper distance. But it's an inner struggle and he tries to rely on his faith to ignore her advances despite his inner conflict.

What started off as a dream, soon becomes a nightmare when something happens and Sarah is hurt and loses her faith and trust. But not all is at it seems, and sometimes being human means making mistakes, but there may be mistakes all around...

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