Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Sweet Romance Deal -- Saving Lady Abigail by Abby Ayles

When Colton Gillchrist returns from war, he is not the man he once was and not the man that Lady Abigail Grant remembers and is so keen to reacquaint herself with. Sporting a gash on the side of his face and walking with a stick, Colton is rude and abrupt and prone to angry outbursts, and she is at once put off by his manner.

An incident at one of the season’s finest balls only serves to make matters worse and Colton leaves hurriedly, then hides himself away, refusing to leave his home.

As his sister, Lady Louisa, and the Duchess of Wintercrest try to help him come to terms with what has happened, Abigail starts to get closer to him as well, while still attending balls and becoming involved with a charming new Lord.

But no matter how hard the women try, Colton cannot be shaken from his malaise and it takes an incident with Abigail’s new suitor, who isn’t what he first appeared to be, to shake him into action.

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