Saturday, 16 June 2018

Sweet Romance Deal For Saturday

The Marquess' Angel by Julia Sinclair

Everyone knows that good missionary girls are plain and dull. 
And that's just the way Blythe likes it! 
Lady Blythe Dennings has craved adventure her entire life, but due to her relation to the powerful Carrow family, there was no way she was going to get it.

So... she became a missionary.
Blythe's prim missionary act gives her plenty of freedom to go to the cruelest parts of London to have her own adventure quests.
But her plans are thrown into chaos when her uncle dies ... 

This leaves her as one of the richest heiresses London has ever seen! 
Suddenly, everyone's looking at her.
Including a dangerous enemy.

But ... the person looking the hardest is Thomas "Demon Tom" Martin, Marquess of Amory, the eldest son of the Martin family--the Carrows' sworn enemies.

Thomas loves gambling,
he loves trouble,
and maybe, he loves this supposedly prim little missionary as well!

Too bad Blythe belongs to the Carrows. 
Can Blythe survive the darkness and danger around her?
And will their love be enough to quell an ancient feud between the two families?

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